Jane Eyre


2016 was a very exciting year in Hathersage; it was Charlotte Bronte’s 200th birthday. To celebrate Jane Eyre, the novel that made Hathersage famous, the Hathersage Players performed an adaptation of the romantic masterpiece with its focus very much on Jane and Rochester

The production was a great success. For a review see: Matlock Mercury Review 

In addition to the four performances at the Memorial Hall, we presented the play in the grounds of North Lees Hall, which Charlotte Bronte reportedly visited on a number of occasions and used as a basis for Thornfield Hall in her novel.



The Gala Night was a ‘Glyndebourne experience’ where picnics on blankets with a touch of glamour is the order of the day.

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We also joined the Gala parade to celebrate the anniversary, and were delighted to use the occasion to present a donation to a number of local charities.

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27 thoughts on “Jane Eyre”

  1. “Just wishing to say how amazing last Friday night’s production of Jane Eyre was.

    Am sure all the crew behind the scenes worked equally as hard as those on stage, though the adaptation expressions and acting were seriously good.

    I can’t single out any particular actor, as they were all so good.

    And yes, we too needed the tissues at the end.

    ‘Well Done’ to all.”

    Penelope and Brian Reece

  2. “Had a wonderful evening watching Jane Eyre last night. I was proud to be a member of Hathersage Players! A fantastic performance from all involved – Tom and the in-laws enjoyed it too. 󾰀 Congratulations!”

    Toria Crooks

  3. “You are a star Mr Rochester. Brilliant performance all round. Congratulations! I needed the tissue!”

    Pam Booth

  4. “Myra and I came to see the show last night……..WELL DONE!
    You have done a magnificent job and we really enjoyed it.”

    Zanna Currie

  5. “Just to say thank you for a great evening. You have every reason to be very proud. Congratulations!”

    Michael Howard

  6. “Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the production last night. I really enjoyed it and it made me cry-in a good way! Please pass on my congratulations to everyone and hope you have an excellent run.”

    Pat Parker

  7. “Thank you to the actors and all who contributed in any way to making “Jane Eyre” such a special production.

    It was a deeply moving experience.”

    Gill Betts

  8. “Absolutely amazing performance……….Jane Eyre just as I, Dear Reader, imagined her to be!

    Sensitive, direct, with a simmering passion and, oh – the ending! Really well done! Great evening.”

    Clare (Audience Member)

  9. “We felt it was one of the best productions we have attended since moving to the village almost 7 years ago.

    Julie & I are looking forward to another good evening on 10th July and hope that the weather will add to the enjoyment.

    Julie & David Graham

  10. Of the outdoor performance: “Just wanted to say ‘excellent performance’. Mark and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Everyone involved deserves much praise. Thank you.”

    Wendy Logan & Mark Briggs

  11. Of the outdoor performance: “Simply put: last night’s theatrical experience was one of the best of my life. Your troupe of actors were brilliant, the production incisive and the setting just perfect. In fact, I am sure I saw Charlotte Bronte herself walk out of the front door and sit down in the garden to enjoy the view over the valley.

    A magical night.

    Thank you to all involved.

    Peter Holt

  12. Of the outdoor performance:

    “Please can I just say an almighty ‘well done’ on last night’s performance. We were completely blown away with it all. The performance and production was second to none, the cast – impeccably selected and totally word perfect and true to role throughout. We cannot remember a play (in rainy Derbyshire or the West End- and we’ve seen plenty) that we have enjoyed more.

    The rain detracted nothing from my favourite book of all time, and I hugely admire how you had adapted it for the stage so cleverly. We laughed and cried with Rochester and Jane and boy did they make a convincing couple!

    You all deserved a standing ovation and I feel sad that we did not give one to you.

    With many thanks again

    Deb King”

  13. Of the outdoor performance:

    “Thank you all for yesterday’s production. It was a great evening.”

    Ian Chesters

  14. Of the outdoor performance:

    “Really enjoyed Jane Eyre despite the weather. I think you all deserved a medal to perform in such conditions. Looking forward to the next production.”

    Joan Worthington

  15. Of the outdoor performance:

    “Absolutely loved the performance. It was a magical setting too. Best wishes.’

    Sue Armstrong

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