8th - 1st November 2020

(by various authors)

Between July and November 2020, a select team from the Hathersage Players formed the ’Off Script’ Team.

Their aim was to write a positive, humorous, stand-alone piece that painted the problems of Lockdown through the eyes of Pantomime characters past and present.

The result was a four-part comedy that almost defied description; a kind of ’Royston Vasey meets Alan Bennett’!

We were treated to (amongst other topics!):

the Corona Pirates spreading their virus around the village using snow shovels and brooms,

Jack (of Beanstalk fame) struggling with ’Fee-Fi-Phobia’ and whether battery hens lay electric eggs,

the Seven Dwarfs wrestling with how to know if Sneezy was really ill or not,

Red Riding Hood trying to book a facial for her ’hairy’ grandmother,

the Prop Lady coming down with PLS (Panto-loony Syndrome),

Widow Twankey leading us in Zoom aerobics and getting legless in the process and

The Fairy Godmother turning to drink!

If you do visit our YouTube channel and climb into their world, just make sure that you can see the Exit at all times otherwise you might not get back out!