“If Love be Love.....”

14th - 26th February 2021

(Directed by Peter Miles)

To celebrate Valentine’s Tide, we offer, on our YouTube channel, this beautiful collection of pieces to celebrate the feelings, failings and foibles of that most human of passions, in the hope that it may help raise our spirits in this time of Covid. With authors from William Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde, via Virgil and Christina Rossetti, no amorous stone is left unturned!

We would like to thank our wonderful readers/singers:

Alistair, Angie, Becky, Debbie, Emily, Hazel, Ian, Jenni, Jill, Joe, Jonathan, Julia, Liz, Louise, Lucy, Martin, Mike, Nicky, Pat, Patricia, Peter, Rachel, Rob, Suzanne, Tim, Toria, Val, Wayne and Wendy.